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AutoPilot® Motor Drive - Motor and Cable Kit

Vantage Northeast


The AutoPilot® Motor Drive guidance system offers high accuracy guidance across most agricultural vehicles. 

This motor and cable kit is needed for APMD installations utilizing a NavIII controller and if you are looking for the full components for a steering system you will need a platform kit for your specific make and model vehicle as well as a display.  This pairs with the CFX-750, FM-750, FMX-1000, FM-1000, TMX-2050, XCN-2050 and GFX/XCN guidance systems.  


Note: If you have a Nav-900, you can purchase the APMD Base kit (85000-105) and the APMD license (96552-10) without the need for the NavIII controller.

Comparison Chart for Steering Systems 


  • High accuracy at an affordable price
  • Slow speed and reverse operation
  • Vehicles stay engaged while stopped
  • Reduced hardware makes transferring between vehicles even quicker


  • APMD Cable Kit; PN 85000-02
  • SAM200 Motor for APMD/EZ-Pilot/EZ-Pilot Pro; PN 83382-00
  • Steering Wheel for APMD/EZ-Pilot/EZ-Pilot Pro; PN 78200-00


 Part No. 85000-05