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Autopilot™ - Case IH Accuguide Ready & New Holland Intellisteer Ready & Steyr S-Guide Ready Vehicles (New CAN System)



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The Trimble™ Autopilot™ automated steering system automatically steers your vehicle on line with maximum precision.  When your vehicle gets offline, Autopilot signals it to adjust its position to follow the correct path, no matter the field pattern or terrain type—so you can focus on the job ahead of you.

  • Provides automatic steering for your vehicle with one-inch repeatability
  • Complete field applications quickly and accurately
  • Reduce operator fatigue and increase safety
  • Operate day or night and in dusty or low visibility conditions


Select From One of the Following Product Options:

Components Included w/ GFX-750 Kit

  • Platform Kit for Case IH Accuguide Ready CAN Vehicles
  • Nav-900 CAN AutoPilot License

Components Included w/ TMX-2050 Kit

  • Platform Kit for Case IH Accuguide Ready CAN Vehicles
  • Nav III Steering Controller

This is the kit needed for Autopilot installations on CAN Accuguide Ready Case IH vehicles including:

Articulated Tractors:
Case IH Steiger Tier 4b:  370, 420, 470, 500, 540, 580, 620
New Holland T9 Tier 4b:  T9.435, T9.480, T9.530, T9.565, T9.600, T9.645, T9.700

MFWD Tractors:
Case IH Maxxum Tier 4b:  115, 125, 135, 145
Case IH Optum: 270, 300
Case IH Puma Tier 4b:  150, 165, 180, 185, 200, 220, 240
New Holland T6 Tier 4b:  T6.145, T6.155, T6.165, T6.175, T6.180
New Holland T7 Tier 4b:  T7.165, T7.175, T7.190, T7.210, T7.220, T7.225, T7.230, T7.245, T7.260, T7.270
New Holland T7 HD Tier 4b:  T7.290, T7.315
Steyr CVT:  6150, 6165, 6180, 6185, 6200, 6220, 6240
Steyr Terrus CVT: 6270, 6300

The GFX-750 & TMX-2050 are sold separately.

Key Features

  • Integrates directly into your vehicle's hydraulics for clear access to cab control
  • Ideal for the most demanding row crop farming applications
  • Plugs in to many guidance-ready vehicles, minimizing the need for additional equipment

NextSwath End-of-Row Turn Technology

Trimble NextSwath™ end-of-row turn technology can be added to automatically calculate and execute the best possible path to turn around a vehicle and approach the next crop row or swath with the implement precisely aligned to begin working.

OnSwath Line Acquisition Technology

Trimble OnSwath™ line acquisition technology allows Autopilot users to customize line acquisition preferences to the vehicle and field operation at hand.  Using OnSwath the vehicle projects its path to the line, which allows it to get back online faster.

Terrain Compensation Technology

Autopilot uses T3™ sensors to calculate the actual position of the vehicle to help minimize skips and overlaps in areas with rolling terrain, slopes, and rough ground.