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CenterPoint RTX (Standard or Fast)

CenterPoint RTX (Standard or Fast)

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Trimble's CenterPoint RTX is an annual subscription to increase horizontal accuracy to 1 inch or less repeatability on the following list of receivers:

  • NAV-900 (with GFX Displays)
  • AG-372 (AFS-372)
  • CFX-750 (FM-750)
  • FMX-1000 (FM-1000)
  • TMX-2050 (XCN-2050)
Additional Compatible Receivers:
  • PLM-372
  • PLM-372 
  • R2 / R9x/ R10 / R10-2 / R12
  • NetR9 Geospatial
  • Kestrel
  • SPS855
  • SPS985 / SPS985L
  • SPS585 / SPS986 / SPS785
  • BX982
  • SP60 / SP80 / SP90m
  • SNS
  • BD935-INS / BD940 / BD982 / BD990 / BD992 
  • MB-TWO
  • APX15 v3 / APX15EI / APX18 / APX20 / APX210v3
  • AV V6/AP
  • LV V5/APLV
  • MPS865


  • Work Anywhere: CenterPoint requires no additional hardware to be initiated
  • Continues working through correction signal interruptions for up to 200 seconds, so you don't have to worry about dropped signals
  • Multi-Satellite Support: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS enabled for ultimate reliability and accessibility
  • Fast Initialization in less than 5 minutes

CenterPoint does require an additional receiver license to intermediate level accuracy at least but no hardware to be installed.  CenterPoint RTX is a great alternative to cellular or base station delivered RTK, with no hardware to deal with, and usually most cost effective.  

If you have 5 or more vehicles, ASK US about our corporate vehicle program that allows you up to 10 vehicle subscriptions for a discounted price.

Once purchased one of our technical managers will contact you promptly for your serial number so we can initiate the activation on your receiver. 



Part No. 88416-10 / 88213-10