Ag-820 RTK Radio Kit, 450 or 900 MHz for use with Nav-900™




The Trimble® Ag-820 radio module provides a solution for receiving radio corrections and is used in Trimble Agriculture's GNSS RTK radio portfolio. There are two variants - a 450-MHz radio module (available globally) and a 900-MHz radio module (available in North America, Australia, and New Zealand) - with both having the same mechanical outline. The enclosure has a magnetic base to allow for easy installation on tractor or Ag vehicle cab roofs



AG-820 Radio Features:

  • Provided as a self-contained external RTK radio.
  • Connects to the Trimble Nav-900 and GFX Displays through a single cable.
  • Installs easily to a tractor or any Ag vehicle cab roof.
  • Designed to provide radio capability for the GFX-750 display system.
  • Available in regions where frequency restrictions are an issue.


Part No. 123500-XX/113295


Category: Accessories, GFX-350, GFX-750

Type: Accessories