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GFX-350 & GFX-750- Radar Output Cables to Raven Controller




These two cable kits will provide a connection between the Trimble display and Raven Controller for Radar output and variable rate control. 

You can find the individual cables by searching for any of the part numbers below in the search menu.


Cable Kit w/ Multi Accessory Port, includes:

  • Trimble Serial to Raven Serial Connection, PN 69729
  • Multi expansion port cable, PN 114078

 *This will require PN 67259 if not already included in your system*


Cable Kit w/ Single 12 Pin Port, includes:

  • 12 Pin Deutsch to DE9 RS 232 Serial Cable, PN 67091
  • Trimble Serial to Raven Serial Connection, PN 69729
  • Expansion port cable, PN 110545



Part No. 69729/67091/110545/114078

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