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Omnistar HP



Subscription Length

OmniSTAR HP service is the most accurate solution available in the OmniSTAR portfolio of correction solutions. It is a L1/L2 solution requiring a dual frequency receiver. OmniSTAR HP corrections are modeled on a worldwide network of reference sites using carrier phase measurement to maximize accuracy. The expected 2-sigma (95%) accuracy of OmniSTAR HP is 10cm. It is particularly useful for Agricultural Machine guidance and many surveying tasks. It operates in real time and without the need for local Base Stations or telemetry links. OmniSTAR HP is a true advance in the use of GPS for on-the-go precise positioning.

Omnistar HP is a 3 month or annual subscription to increase accuracy 2-4 inches on the following list of receivers:

  • EZ-Guide 500
  • Trimble AG252/AG262/AG332/AG372/AG442
  • Trimble CFX-750/FM-750
  • Trimble FMX-1000/FM-1000
Additional Compatible Receivers:
  • Hemisphere A200/A221/A320/A321/A325/H320
  • Hemisphere Eclipse II
  • Hemisphere GENEQ SX Blue II/GENEQ SX Blue III
  • Outback 3 AgJunction
  • Novatel Autoguide
  • Novatel Beeline
  • Novatel Flexpak
  • Novatel Propak LB
  • Novatel MR10
  • Novatel OEMV
  • Novatel V3
  • Paradyme Ag Leader
  • Raven Phoenix 300
  • Raven RPR 410
  • Sokkia 2650
  • Sokkia Axis 3
  • Topcon Ag 150/350
  • Topcon AGI3
  • Topcon C3000
  • Topcon MapHP
  • Topcon TSD Trupath
  • Ag Leader GPS 2500
  • Trimble BD960/BD982
  • Trimble DSM232
  • Trimble ProXRT
  • Trimble R7/R8/R10
  • Trimble SPS Family


    Once purchased one of our technical managers will contact you promptly for your Omni identification number so we can initiate the activation on your receiver. 


    Part No. 87225-10/87223-10