Coverage Mapping Implement Lift Switch Kit for EZ-Guide 250® Displays

Vantage Northeast


This is a Coverage Mapping Implement Lift Switch Kit for an EZ-Guide 250 Display.  This is an efficient accessory that allows you to start and stop coverage mapping without having to press the display prompt.  This lift switch is mounted to an implement so when the implement is lowered it triggers the switch and turns coverage mapping on or off.  This is great for any implements that raise or lower to allow for hands free coverage mapping.  

This kit comes with a connection at the hitch so the operator can quickly connect or disconnect and leave the wiring stationary without having to pull wires.

Components Included

  • Whisker Switch
  • 3 pin CAN Cable to EZ-Guide Power
  • 30' Foot Extensions from Implement Hitch to Whisker Switch
  • 12' Foot Cable from the Display to the Vehicle Hitch



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