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Advanced Level Package 3: TMX-2050™ & Autopilot™ Motor Drive

Vantage Northeast


Advanced Level Guidance & Steering Package 3 includes:

  • TMX-2050™ Display w/ Ag25 & FmX Plus/Precision IQ License (Part No. 96500-05)

  • Autopilot™ Motor Drive - Base Kit (Part No. 85000-20)

  • **This package will require a Platform Kit designed for your specific vehicle and these can be found and purchased separately in the accessories for EZ-Pilot or by contacting us directly**

The Trimble® TMX-2050™ display with FmX® Plus and Precision-IQ™ license bundle

This bundle comes standard with the Trimble® TMX-2050™ display with FmX® Plus and Precision-IQ™ license bundle comes standard with the FmX Plus & Precision-IQ app, basic GNSS W/GLONASS and is Auto Guidance capable. This display is Trimble's top of the line display and offers features needed for more advanced operations.

COMPARE Guidance Display Products


  • Rugged construction for everyday field use
  • Large 12.1” (30.8 cm) high-definition color touchscreen
  • Android Operating System
  • Integrated GNSS receiver
  • Can be used to control:
    • Autopilot™, Autopilot Motor Drive, EZ-Pilot® and EZ-Steer® systems
    • Implement control – TrueTracker™ and TrueGuide™ systems
    • NextSwath end-of-row turn technology
    • NextSwath connect
    • Row guidance
    • Serial Rate/TUVR support
    • On-the-go VRA with GreenSeeker®sensors
    • Water management – FieldLevel™ system and WM-Drain®solution
    • Field-IQ system  rate and section control
    • Yield monitoring
    • Precision-IQ compatible
    • Trimble Ag App Central
    • Internet connectivity including OfficeSync
    • FARMSTREAM Fleet Manager

Components Included

  • TMX-2050™ Display with FMX Plus and Precision IQ License
  • TM-200 Module
  • Zirkona Mount and Hardware Kit for Display
  • Ag-25 Antenna
  • Antenna Cable Assembly
  • Universal Magnetic Mounting Plate
  • TMX Power From Battery Cable Assembly
  • TMX Display to TM-200 Cable Assembly
  • TMX TM-200 Power Cable Assembly
  • Trimble® 2 Year Base Warranty

Autopilot™ Motor Drive - Base Kit

Electric, hands-free, automated steering system with easy installation onto steering column, delivers highly-accurate, Autopilot-level steering. Trimble™ Autopilot™ Motor Drive, controls tractors and harvesting machines without hydraulic components up to RTK accuracy. No matter your vehicle type or brand, the Trimble™ Autopilot™ Motor Drive system can be quickly installed from one vehicle to another and steers your vehicle online for maximum precision.
This is the base kit needed for APMD, and if you are looking for the full components for a steering system you will need a platform kit for your specific make and model vehicle as well as a display.


  • Sub-inch accuracy inertias from the NavController III
  • Slow speed and reverse operation
  • Eliminates the requirement for an AutoSense™ or a steering angle sensor
  • Autopilot™ performance without the requirement for hose installation or the need for special tools
  • Simple installation similar to the EZ-Pilot® system
  • Easy to transfer between vehicles
  • Available for a large, expanding range of vehicles