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EZ-Steer® Foot Switch & Cable

Vantage Northeast


This Trimble™ EZ-Steer® Remote Engage foot switch and accessory cable for an Trimble™ EZ-Steer® allows an operator the ability to engage the EZ-Steer® steering system easily and quickly while keeping hands free. 

To engage or disengage the EZ-Steer® system using the remote engage foot pedal, depress the pedal for 0.5–3 seconds and then release it when you pass the start of the swath. The system engages when the pedal is released. This is done to avoid accidental engaging. To disengage the EZ-Steer® system, just turn the steering wheel at the end of the swath, stop, or depress the pedal again.


Part No. 60941-00