Farmer Core

Vantage Northeast


Farmer Core is Trimble's entry-level software solution that enables farmers to connect all aspects of their farm operation. It's a powerful web platform that integrates machine-generated data from precision ag displays to simplify farm setup and streamline farm operations.  Trimble's Farmer Core integrates third-party data from John Deere, Raven Slingshot, CNH AFS Connect, New Holland PLM Connect, and more.

We have a team of data managers that can help you get your operation's data management up to speed and keep you on top of all your record keeping as well as give you the ability to start to analyze your operations on a deeper level to drive efficiency.  Once your purchase this software one of our data managers will contact you and make sure you have your credentials as well as our support contact information.

Key Features

  • 1 Year Software License
  • Up to 5 User Logins
  • Manage client/farm/field names with boundaries
  • Map landmarks with mobile app (points, lines, and boundaries)
  • Manage guidance lines
  • AutoSync™ feature for syncing guidance lines and other data to all Trimble connected devices
  • Import/export or use third-party APIs to get data to/from precision farming displays
  • Track real-time equipment locations, current status, and fleet utilization
  • Use Trimble Display Work Orders to facilitate remote task setup on Precision-IQ displays and monitor their status in mobile and web
  • View and edit task details
  • Add materials and track purchases and usage by field with costs
  • Print a 'Proof of Placement' report that includes a coverage map and details for each task
  • Process yield data with yield cleaning tool



Part No. 81017-05

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