Field-IQ Spray Control Kit - Sprayer w/ Existing Berthoud Controller




The Trimble® Field-IQ™ crop input control system enables productive and efficient functionality for your nutrient and pest management operations. For compatibility reference our display comparison chart.

These kits are designed for section control on a Hagie sprayers.  These are the spray control kits for many Hagie sprayers:

  • Berthoud w/ 12 sections or less; PN 99104-28
  • Berthoud w/ 15 sections or less; PN 99104-29



Features of Rate & Section Control

  • Variable rate application control
  • Automatic section control


Components Included in Kit

  • Field IQ Rate and Section Control Module; PN 75774-01
  • Field IQ Platform Kit




Part No. 99104-XX