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NavController III for AUTOPILOT™ for After Market Installs w/ CFX-750, FM-750, FMX-1000, FM-1000, TMX-2050, AND XCN-2050 Displays

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NavController III for After Market Installs with CFX-750, FM-750, FMX-1000, FM-1000, TMX-2050, and XCN-2050 Displays.

The Trimble™ Autopilot™ automated steering system automatically steers your vehicle on line with maximum precision.  When your vehicle gets offline, Autopilot signals it to adjust its position to follow the correct path, no matter the field pattern or terrain type—so you can focus on the job ahead of you.

  • Provides automatic steering for your vehicle with one-inch repeatability
  • Complete field applications quickly and accurately
  • Reduce operator fatigue and increase safety
  • Operate day or night and in dusty or low visibility conditions

Components Included:

  • Trimble AP Configured NavController III
  • Cable Kit, Common AP Gen II
  • Cable Assy, NavController III, Main
  • Cable Assy, Diagnostic, NavIII
  • Cable Assy, Trimble CFX-750/FM-750/FMX-1000/FM-1000/TMX-2050 Power
  • Cable Assy, Trimble CFX-750/FM-750/FMX-1000/FM-1000/TMX-2050 to Nav III with Port Replicator
  • Cable Assy, 2 Pin DTM to 2 Pin DT Power Adapter

Trimble Displays and Platform Kits are sold separately. 




Part No. 64425-07