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Omnistar G2



Subscription Length

OmniSTAR G2 represents the most recent advancement in OmniSTAR subscription service offerings. It is a worldwide dual frequency high-accuracy solution which uses Orbit and Clock correction data. OmniSTAR G2 includes GLONASS satellites and GLONASS correction data in the solution. The addition of GLONASS to the solution significantly increases the number of satellites available which is useful when faced with conditions that limit satellite visibility, such as terrain, vegetation or buildings. OmniSTAR G2 service provides short-term accuracy of 1-2 inches and long term repeatability of better than 10 centimerers, 95%CEP. It is especially suited for operations in areas where trees or buildings may block the view of the sky and in areas affected by scintillation during times of high sunspot activity.

Omnistar G2 is a 3 month or annual subscription to increase accuracy 1-2 inches on the following list of receivers:

  • Trimble AG372/AG442
  • Trimble CFX-750/FM-750
  • Trimble FMX-1000/FM-1000
Additional Compatible Receivers:
  • Hemisphere A320/A321/A325/H320
  • Hemisphere Eclipse II
  • Hemisphere GENEQ SX Blue III
  • Novatel Flexpak
  • Novatel MR10
  • Novatel V3
  • Raven Phoenix 300
  • Topcon Ag 150/350
  • Topcon AGI3
  • Topcon C3000
  • Trimble BD982
  • Trimble ProXRT
  • Trimble R7/R8/R10
  • Trimble SPS Family


    Once purchased one of our technical managers will contact you promptly for your Omni identification number so we can initiate the activation on your receiver. 


    Part No. 89305-10/89309-10