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Platform Kit, EZ-Pilot - Buhler-Versatile RT 490 Combines & Rostselmash Combines & Tractors

Vantage Northeast


EZ-Pilot Platform Kit - Buhler-Versatile RT 490 Combines & Rostselmash Combines & Tractors

This platform kit attaches to the vehicle steering column under the steering wheel to provide support for the steering motor for the Trimble® EZ-Pilot® steering system. It is important to only use official Trimble manufactured platform kits. Many of the Trimble platform kits include spacers and shims which are essential to prevent steering column damage or degraded performance.


Supported Vehicles Include:

  • Buhler-Versatile RTXXX: RT490
  • Rostselmash Acros: 530, 580, 590 Plus
  • Rostselmash Torum: 740, 760, 780
  • Rostselmash Vector: 410, 420. 450 Track
  • Rostselmash Don: 680M
  • Rostselmash RSM: 1401
  • Rostselmash ES: ES1
  • Rostselmash KSU: KSU1



Part No.78100-28-RS