Time Tracker App

Vantage Northeast


Ag Time Tracker enables you and your team to stay organized and maximize productivity effortlessly. You’ll get stats on the working time and performance of your team that will help you make profitable, data-driven decisions. With Ag Time Tracker you have the ability to see the GPS clock in/out locations of employees, a feature that supports both safety and accountability.


This 1 year license is tied to your Farmer Core or Farmer Pro License and allows you to access Ag Time Tracker by computer, tablet or phone.


Key Features:

  • View detailed statistics on time worked by employee
  • Access performance reports of your team
  • Track clock in/out time and location for each employee using their Apple or Android smartphone
  • Find historical time entries by day and roll-up by pay period
  • Track data for up to five employees (more can be added)


Part No. 81017-06

Collections: Trimble Software Solutions

Type: Unknown Type