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Intermediate Level Package 3: GFX-750™ & EZ-Pilot® Pro

Vantage Northeast


Intermediate Level Guidance & Steering Package 3 includes:

  • EZ-Pilot Pro SAM200 Steering Motor and Cable Kit with Steering Wheel for Nav-900. (Part No. 85000-105)

  • License, Receiver-Multi Type, Guidance: EZ-Pilot Pro, No Expiry (Part No. 96552-07)

  • Basic GFX-750™ & NAV-900™, Trimble, DGPS (Radio Not Included) (Part No. 112560-00)

  • **This package will require a Platform Kit designed for your specific vehicle and these can be found and purchased separately in the accessories for EZ-Pilot or by contacting us directly**

EZ-Pilot Pro SAM200 Motor and Cable Kit with Steering Wheel for Nav-900

The EZ-Pilot® Pro guidance system offers high accuracy guidance across MFWD tractors, 4WDs, and combines. The added benefit of the EZ-Pilot® Pro system is that vehicles are now able to be engaged in reverse to allow them to be lined for the next swath (max 15 seconds). Adding this feature allows users to benefit from a high accuracy solution from the second the implement engages with the soil. 

License, Receiver-Multi Type, Guidance: EZ-Pilot Pro, No Expiry

Enables EZ-Pilot® Pro functionality.
Notes: Guidance licenses will stay in the NAV-500™ or NAV-900™ even if it is combined with other displays or components in future. EZ-Pilot Pro does not support the NextSwath functionality.

Trimble™ GFX-750™ & NAV-900™,  DGPS (Radio Not Included)

The Trimble® GFX-750™ display continues a strong tradition of sleek, easy-to-use displays from Trimble Agriculture. With a roof-mounted guidance controller, your cab will be clean and clutter-free with this automated guidance system. Add in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to go along with ISOBUS compatibility and you can tackle farming applications from every season across all of your equipment brands.

GFX-750™ Features:

  • 10" (25.6cm) Projected Capacitive Touch screen
  • Android OS
  • Compatible with Precision-IQ™
  • Ultra powerful quad core processor
  • Wifi and bluetooth compatible
  • ISO Product Control
  • Field IQ basic rate and section control
  • Trimble Ag software compatible (including wireless transfer).
  • Compact design economic on cab space
  • RAM Mounting System
  • Easy install
  • Upgradable with a range of licenses available for additional features.