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TrueTracker Generic Base Kit



TrueTracker Implement Steering System

Active implement guidance system that keeps your tractor and implement on the same guidance line.

Keep your implement and tractor on the same guidance line with the Trimble® TrueTracker™ implement steering system, an active implement guidance system that allows your implement to guide itself independently from your tractor.

TrueTracker uses your tractor’s Autopilot or AutoPilot Motor Drive system to monitor your implement and signal it to follow the correct path during periods of drift. TrueTracker keeps you confident that your implement is on line all the time.

This is the TrueTracker generic base kit needed for many installations that dont appear to have out-of-the-box kits from Trimble.  There will likely be additional items you will need with this to fit your implement.  Contact us today with any quesitons.

Key Features

  • Allows the implement to correct its position without input from the tractor
  • Utilizes terrain compensation technology for high accuracy on difficult terrain
  • Requires a GNSS antenna and a NavController II or NavController III on your implement and Autopilot™ system and the TMX-2050® display in your tractor
  • Ideal for row crop and multiple-pass farming applications
  • Accurately steer your implement and tractor on a repeatable path
  • Operate in the most difficult terrain and variable soil conditions
  • Minimize draft and result in more consistent guess rows
  • Reduce crop damage and compaction
  • Improve seedbed and nutrient placement
  • Requires a FMX-1000 or TMX-2050 to operate TrueTracker


Components Included: 

  • Nav III Controller with weatherproof box and bracket
  • Implement guidance antenna cables and mount
  • TrueTracker Platform Kit 


Part No. 68039-09

Collections: ALL Products, Implement Steering

Category: EZ-Pilot, Steering

Type: Steering